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Frequently Asked Questions

We are still adding more of your questions here. If you cannot find an answer for your question here, please write to us under “contact us”. We will be happy to be at your service, insha’Allah.

Why is it sometimes cheaper to have your order shipped to the US than it is to have it shipped to the UK?

This is because customers outside of the EU do not pay VAT for their orders. In the case of an order from the US compared to an order from the UK, the US customer pays less for the dolls but more for the freight, while the UK customer pays the full price for the dolls and less for the freight. This can all be seen when you do the check out process and choose the country you want your order to be delivered to.

What payment options can I choose from?

You can choose to pay through PayPal using your PayPal balance or if you have a card connected to your PayPal. You can also choose to pay with your credit/debit card or directly to our bank account. Lastly, if you are a Swedish customer, you can also choose to receive an invoice and pay within 10 days.

Where do I choose which payment option to use?

When you have chosen what you would like to order, and added that to your shopping basket, you should click on the button ‘to check out’. You can find it in your shopping basket. You will now be directed to the check out page were you will have to write your address details, country, delivery option and lastly you will find payment option. Here you simply choose which payment option suits you best.

Why are the latest 3 years + models Sumayyah, Asiyah, Hamzah and Bilal more expensive than the first models Fatimah and Aisha?

The first reason is because our first models Fatimah and Aisha were manufactured in 2007 and the later models were manufactured in 2013. The manufacturer’s prices have increased over these 6 years. The second reason is the size and style of the later models. They are 10 cm taller and have more removable clothes. In addition to this, we have improved the general quality of the dolls’ to ensure that they can last through many years of play, insha’Allah.
Compared to other dolls on the market that are similar to Aisha Dolls in size, quality and design, our prices are still lower.

Are you planning to sell the 25 cm model Maryam and hijabs for the bigger dolls again?

We would like to offer you the model Maryam as well as hijabs for the bigger doll models again, insha’Allah. We are working on new models as well as accessories but the manufacture process is long and does not go as fast as one could wish for. Please sign up for our newsletter or join us on our Instagram account to be sure to be the first to know of any new products.

I would like to sell Aisha Dolls in my region, can I buy whole sale from you?

Yes, you can. Please contact us at sales@aishadolls.com or under “Contact us” here on our web site. To start with, please write were in the world you are based, how you plan to sell the dolls and how many you are interested in buying. We will be happy to assist you, insha’Allah.

You used to sell Islamic clothes, have you stopped selling that?

Yes, we have stopped selling Islamic clothes on Aisha Dolls’ web shop. However, we might introduce it again.
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