Step 1 - Choose your Product

After you have decided which item you would like to buy, choose the quantity of that item and click "Add to cart".

You item has now been placed in your cart in the upper right hand corner. Repeat this procedure for every item you wish to buy.

Once you have finished shopping, click on the button "Check out" in your cart in the upper right hand corner. You will then be directed to your shopping basket.

Step 2 - Your basket - Specify Personal Details

View your shopping cart and add personal details. If you wish your order to be shipped to another address please tick the box "Other delivery address" to add the details. If you wish to write a message along with your order, please use the comment box.

Step 3 - Select Delivery Method

You will have two different delivery methods to choose from, Postal Service and DB Schenker. Postal Service is the cheapest method for small orders while DB Schenker is the cheapest method for bigger orders. In some countries the Postal Service will deliver at the door, in other countries you have to collect your parcel at the Post office. DB Schenker always delivers at the door.

Step 4 - Select Payment Method

You will have four different payment methods to choose from, Card payment, PayPal, Payment in advance and Invoice. (Invoice is only available for customers in Sweden). Choose the method you prefer.

Read more about the different payment options under payment options by klicking here.

Step 5 - Select Currency and Accept Conditions

Choose the currency you wish to make your payment in. You can choose Swedish kroner, Brittish Pound, Euro and US Dollar. Before you continue you have to agree to Terms and Conditions. Klick on the "continue" button and you will be directed to next page where you have to make your final confirmation. Depending on the payment method you have chosen, you will now be directed to your payment method.

After finishing your payment you will receive an order confirmation to your email.

I hope this guide has helped you with your order process. Thank you for shopping at Aisha Dolls!

Read the Terms and Conditions klicking here.

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