Only the Best Dolls for Our Young Ones

Since babies always want to put everything in their mouth all our age 0+ dolls from Aisha Dolls webshop are made from 100% natural cotton. With Islamic clothing Aisha dolls 0+ cater for Islamic values from an early age. All 0+ dolls are faceless.

Nuh Soft Rag Doll

Nuh Soft Rag Doll

Nuh is one of the latest models from Aisha Dolls. Nuh has a soft padded body with soft unremovable clothes, which makes him ideal even for small children. Without facial expressions Nuh will be the constant companion whether the child is happy or sad.

Age: All ages (0 +)
Size: 25 cm
Washing instructions: Gentle hand wash, do not bleach and do not tumble dry.

Exclusive design by Aisha Dolls.
The doll stand is not included in the price!

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