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Recently Aisha Dolls was interviewed for an article on Muslim faceless dolls. Below you can find the answers to the questions posted to us.

Please describe your dolls:

Aisha Dolls was the first of its kind on the market. Aisha Dolls are faceless, wearing modest/Islamic clothing, soft to cuddle and play friendly. Aisha Dolls cater for Islamic values, and are made with quality and imaginative play in mind, all very important aspects of every Muslim child’s life and upbringing. Aisha Dolls also offer multicultural dolls with different skin colours, reflecting our Muslim community.

What inspired you to begin making dolls?

The name of Aisha Dolls says it all. I was inspired by the hadith describing how Aisha (may Allaah be pleased with her) used to play with dolls which had no facial features in the presence of the Prophet (Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa salam). Having children of my own, I noticed that there was no company offering faceless dolls specifically for the Muslims. To begin with I made dolls for my own children, thereafter I saw other Muslim families’ need for this toy. I decided to create my own models and the idea for Aisha Dolls was born, the first company offering dolls of this kind to the Muslim community.

Can you make any comparisons to your experiences with your dolls to other commercial dolls?

Firstly, Aisha Dolls offer an Islamic alternative to other commercial dolls on the market that have facial features and complete body shapes. Secondly, Aisha Dolls offer dolls that cater for modesty and Islamic manners, with modest clothes and Islamic accessories such as hijab, thauwb and prayer mat. In contrast to Aisha Dolls, other commercial dolls do not encourage this, instead they promote at sexist view in terms of dress and manners, which influences the Muslim child negatively, corrupting childhood as many leading psychologists warn today.

What sort of feedback have you gotten from people using the dolls (including your own family)?

Alhamdulillaah, the feedback from my customers has been very positive and encouraging. Many families are very happy that I offer them an Islamic alternative to other dolls on the market. As for my family, they have always been supportive, giving me constructive feedback since day one. When I create new models, they are always my source of inspiration and guide.

How do you relate to this doll-making process as a Muslimah/Muslim mama? Does your deen play into why you do this?

Yes, it does. In the beginning I mostly had my own children in mind and their upbringing. After realizing the need for this toy in the Muslim community, the idea expanded and I wanted to assist every Muslim family that wish to uphold Islamic values in their home, creating toys that can support them in their upbringing of their children.

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